Seasonal Upgrades

No disputing the weather has gotten more extreme putting a bit more stress on old siding, doors and roofing.  The weather service has commented frequently about storms becoming more severe in their intensity with shorter duration with an uptick in frequency.

Higher intensity storms place new stress on old siding that may suffer damage from strong winds and rapid changes in temperature.  Roofing that is near it’s term rating for years of service may be a bit more likely to sustain damage.

There is not much you can do lengthen the life these materials.  Forty years ago when those shingles were placed on your roof the material was state of the the art.  Now with computer aided design and databases of new compounds and changes in old formulations have created miraculous new materials that stand up to ultraviolet degradation along with brutal heat and cold here in the midwest.

Your ability to be proactive about the maintenance and upkeep of your home is the best solution to avoiding costly damage on top of repairs you sometimes have to make.
Window Concepts is happy to send a representative to your home to discuss what may or may not be candidates for replacement.  We have a range of services and offer competitive pricing that always turns homeowners into friends.

Give us a call at 847-621-2680 .

Our crews live throughout Chicago and it’s suburbs so there is a good chance one of us are your neighbors.

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