Brighten Your Days with New Windows

Of course getting a new window is not a whole lot of fun. It ends up costing a lot of money to have them replaced and repaired, and it does not give you the good feeling that let us say remodeling a kitchen or adding a deck to your home does. However, windows are an important component to your home and new ones help boost your value.

Here are four transparent signs your home needs new windows:

Your energy bills are high

If you have bills for electric and gas that seem totally out of whack, your windows could essentially be the problem.  Old windows that do not seal well and are not equipped with the latest technology are not very energy efficient. If you start to see bigger utility bills without any other explanation possible, it could be the culprit is your windows. Replacing your old windows with new ones can actually reduce your energy bills by 15% or more.

Your windows do not operation correctly

If you are constantly having to prop open your windows with a tool or silverware or if you ruin your fingers every time you try to open your windows, it is probably a good idea to get new ones. If your windows are painted shut, that is another reason to get them replaced. Not only are your improperly functioning windows a severe safety hazard, they also are a drag on your energy efficiency. A window expert such as Window Concepts, Inc. can show you how new windows can make your life easier.

Parts of your windows are broken

If you have windows that have multiple broken panes or locking mechanisms that do not work, it is a strong indication that they need to be replaced. Broken panes will reduce your energy efficiency and can also be a safety hazard. Broken locking mechanisms can be an extreme safety hazard.

Your windows look shabby

One of the best reasons to replace your windows is to be able to improve the look of your home. If you have several old windows with wooded frames, you are constantly dealing with chipping paint and weather damage. New window frames are made out of vinyl or aluminium, which will stand up to the elements better and require a lot less maintenance. New windows can instantly make your home look newer.

New windows are a huge investment to make in your home, but they can be worth the investment. Between the value added to your home and the money you save on energy over the long-term, you will just about make back the money you spend.

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