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Seasonal Upgrades

No disputing the weather has gotten more extreme putting a bit more stress on old siding, doors and roofing.  The weather service has commented frequently about storms becoming more severe in their intensity with shorter duration with an uptick in frequency.

Higher intensity storms place new stress on old siding that may suffer damage from strong winds and rapid changes in temperature.  Roofing that is near it’s term rating for years of service may be a bit more likely to sustain damage.

There is not much you can do lengthen the life these materials.  Forty years ago when those shingles were placed on your roof the material was state of the the art.  Now with computer aided design and databases of new compounds and changes in old formulations have created miraculous new materials that stand up to ultraviolet degradation along with brutal heat and cold here in the midwest.

Your ability to be proactive about the maintenance and upkeep of your home is the best solution to avoiding costly damage on top of repairs you sometimes have to make.
Window Concepts is happy to send a representative to your home to discuss what may or may not be candidates for replacement.  We have a range of services and offer competitive pricing that always turns homeowners into friends.

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Our crews live throughout Chicago and it’s suburbs so there is a good chance one of us are your neighbors.

Window Installation

If you really think about it – windows do a lot of different jobs in your home. They keep out the elements of course (hopefully), but they also give your home its visual character when viewed from the outside. They let in light, air (again, hopefully this only happens with they are open), and they frame your views of the outside when you are in the home.

Window Concepts has been installing quality windows for our clients and customers in Northern Chicagoland and the Northwest Suburbs since 1986, so we know how to deliver visual attractiveness and also maximum efficiency to keep out the Chicago winters. In this blog post we will discuss all things windows!

Maximum Insulation for Increased Energy Savings

You want your new windows to very efficiently keep the cold outside, and the heat indoors during the winter. During the hot summer months obviously you will want to keep the air conditioning indoors – both for comfort and for savings on your utility bill. Modern windows are extremely effective at doing this when compared to other older windows of the past. We offer high quality windows and equally important, we install them correctly so you can reap all these benefits.

Who Installs your Windows Matters!

Window installation might seem like a straightforward project, maybe even something you would consider doing yourself. However, it is a multi-step process and if anything goes wrong you might be stuck with a leaking window. Even a window that appears to be sealed today might come apart in some place a couple years down the road and you will need to pay someone to do it correctly all over again. We believe in doing the job right the first time, since a properly hung and sealed window will last for years and years.

One of the goals with sealing a window is redundancy, which means using more than one barrier between the outside and the interior of your home, and more than one type of material for the job as well. If water or cold air, for example, gets by one of the barriers or sealants, we want the next one in line to hold it out. Depending on the type and style of your new windows and the unique features of your home, our expert installation team may employ a number of techniques to properly install your new windows the first time around!

Window Concepts: Proud of our Great Work!

As mentioned above, you want to make sure that the company performing your window installation gets it right. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and maintain a perfect A+ rating. We guarantee every job to be free of defects and of the highest quality work. We carry a wide variety of quality windows to accommodate many different aesthetic design motives as well as price points. So pick a company you can trust, one that has been serving the Northwest Suburbs for over 30 years. Choose Window Concepts!

Contact us today so that we may assist you in choosing the perfect set of windows to complete the look and feel of your home.

Kitchen Remodeling

There are many reasons why someone might choose to remodel their kitchen. Perhaps the appliances are out of date, and you want a more modern look and increased energy efficiency. Perhaps you are selling your home in the future and know that a new kitchen can do wonders for the appeal and value of your home. Or maybe you are just tired of looking at and cooking in the same old space, and want a brand new one! Whatever the reason for your remodel, Budget Construction stands ready to make your dream kitchen come true.

There are several factors you will want to consider, with the help of one of our Kitchen Remodeling Consultants, for your kitchen project. The first consideration will be the size and walls in your existing kitchen. The available space may in some cases dictate the layout of the remodeled kitchen. In particular you will want to consider the location of any gas or electrical connections because moving these can be quite costly. We routinely do kitchens in One Wall style, Two Walls, L-Shape, Island, and Open Plans.

Your New Kitchen is and Investment!

Upgrading and updating your kitchen is one of the best investments you can make for your home. In addition to making the home more attractive to potential buyers, it can actually boost the value of your home! Imagine: not only will you get to enjoy your new modern kitchen, but when it comes time to sell you may get a better price!


Granite Countertops are among the most sought-after feature for most people in a kitchen. In addition to being attractive, granite countertops are nearly indestructible and easy to keep clean. However, not all granite is equal. We use exclusive premium quality granite slabs from the most prestigious quarries around the world, ensuring our clients the highest-quality granite.

New Appliances

Stainless Steel appliances can give a sleek modern appearance to the space. We offer different looks as well, and with our Kitchen Consultant by your side you are sure to find the perfect look for your new kitchen. Additionally, the advances made in recent decades to refrigerator and dishwasher technology have made today’s appliances more efficient than ever. New appliances can come either as part of a total kitchen overhaul, or individually. Even just updating your original appliances with state-of-the-art new ones can really invigorate your kitchen!

Cabinetry: Transform your Kitchen

One of the very best ways to update the look and feel of your kitchen is to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. When done as part of an entire kitchen renovation, the cabinets can be the glue that seals the entire project together. However, it is also one of the best and lowest cost investments you can make in your kitchen! Statistics over many years have shown that this one simple and yet obvious change will increase the value of your home significantly. If you are happy with the layout of your cabinets already, consider new front panels – these can be done for quite low cost and will dramatically transform the look and feel of your kitchen.


Any of the steps discussed below can be undertaken individually, or as part of a whole-kitchen makeover. Please contact Budget Construction Company today to schedule a free consultation, and lets get cooking on your new kitchen!

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Beautify Your Home with Improved Sidings

A majority of people give very little thought to siding for their homes until the time to paint arises. While there are a multitude of benefits to painting a home, the perks of choosing siding in Arlington Heights, IL are likely to outweigh those benefits. Generally, painting is expensive, time consuming and subject to human error while the one-time or financeable cost of adding siding to an exterior design plan actually assists families save a great deal of money over time.

Siding helps families save money on the cost of paint that is required to cover their homes every few years or so. Today’s high-tech materials help ensure that your home’s energy efficiency might improve by the addition of high-quality siding. In fact actually, your home will be much better insulated against both heat and chill with the addition of a well-designed outer layer to protect it.

Exposed wood is always in danger of becoming damaged. With siding, the exterior of a home becomes much more resistant to wind, drastic temperature changes and the elements; therefore, the materials beneath are better protected. Your new siding in Arlington Heights, IL will act as a force field against these damaging effects and will keep your home beautiful for several years to come.

Alongside with improved maintenance savings is the improved curb appeal that will lead to better property value. Gone are the days when homes with siding did not blend well with the finest abodes. A drive through around any city in the country reveals that sided homes are among the most attractive, the best appointed and the easiest to sell.

When you choose siding in Arlington Heights, IL, you can establish elegant presentation while eliminating much of the routine maintenance. With the savings you acquire, your home can be continuously improved, or you can even choose to let your nest egg grow. Either way of course, you will be glad to have eliminated the expense or time consumption of other outdated upkeep methods.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Gutters

In the last several weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of inspecting your roof, performing maintenance and making repairs before the cold weather sets in even months later. It is good to be prepared. Today, we are going to focus on just how damaging natural debris can be.

Debris Build-up and Unintended Consequences

All that it takes is a little moisture and those leaves begin to degrade into a soggy, heavy mess that clogs drains, blocks scuppers and invites mold, fungi and even mildew. If it is not promptly removed, the leaves and debris can lead to backed-up water, which increases the load on the roof deck that will not be pretty. Standing water, just 1-inch deep, adds up to five pounds per-square-foot of live load on the roof assembly and gutters. Over time, standing water can leach the pliable properties out of some single-ply membranes, reducing flexibility and the life of the roof and gutter.

Vigilance Reduces Risk

Maintenance crews should be trained to look specifically for leaves and other debris around drains and scuppers. During the fall and any other season in general, frequent checks and prompt debris-removal are absolutely essential to prevent build-up and blockage. Areas of standing water could in fact indicate blocked drains. Partially blocked drains allow water flow. Even if you do not see standing water, that does not mean you do not have a drainage problem. Staining of the roof’s surface could indicate previous ponding, which is also a red flag to look out for. Not every issue caused by leaves and debris is apparent to the untrained eye, so it is vital to have a qualified roofing professional and / or one who is professional at remodeling take a look. Drains and gutters should be cleared now!

Professional Inspection

In addition to disposal of leaves and debris, a qualified roofing special and company who professionalize in remodeling will water-test both internal and external drains and inspect gutters and downspouts. While they are at it, they will check the miniscule things that can escape the notice of a maintenance crew such as examining strainers to ensure that they are in place and that the bolts holding them are secure. It takes a strained eye to recognize early issues with sealants, flashings, mortar, seams and penetrations. Gutters and downspouts should be checked for sagging, loose connections and broken or missing fasteners.

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Brighten Your Days with New Windows

Of course getting a new window is not a whole lot of fun. It ends up costing a lot of money to have them replaced and repaired, and it does not give you the good feeling that let us say remodeling a kitchen or adding a deck to your home does. However, windows are an important component to your home and new ones help boost your value.

Here are four transparent signs your home needs new windows:

Your energy bills are high

If you have bills for electric and gas that seem totally out of whack, your windows could essentially be the problem.  Old windows that do not seal well and are not equipped with the latest technology are not very energy efficient. If you start to see bigger utility bills without any other explanation possible, it could be the culprit is your windows. Replacing your old windows with new ones can actually reduce your energy bills by 15% or more.

Your windows do not operation correctly

If you are constantly having to prop open your windows with a tool or silverware or if you ruin your fingers every time you try to open your windows, it is probably a good idea to get new ones. If your windows are painted shut, that is another reason to get them replaced. Not only are your improperly functioning windows a severe safety hazard, they also are a drag on your energy efficiency. A window expert such as Window Concepts, Inc. can show you how new windows can make your life easier.

Parts of your windows are broken

If you have windows that have multiple broken panes or locking mechanisms that do not work, it is a strong indication that they need to be replaced. Broken panes will reduce your energy efficiency and can also be a safety hazard. Broken locking mechanisms can be an extreme safety hazard.

Your windows look shabby

One of the best reasons to replace your windows is to be able to improve the look of your home. If you have several old windows with wooded frames, you are constantly dealing with chipping paint and weather damage. New window frames are made out of vinyl or aluminium, which will stand up to the elements better and require a lot less maintenance. New windows can instantly make your home look newer.

New windows are a huge investment to make in your home, but they can be worth the investment. Between the value added to your home and the money you save on energy over the long-term, you will just about make back the money you spend.

Since 1982, Window Concepts has been providing homeowners with top of the line home remodeling and window technology. Through the years, Window Concepts has evolved to keep providing homeowners with the best of the best technology for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and curb appeal.

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